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IDentity MaX Pro Transponders

IDentity MaX transponders are small passive radio frequency identification (RFID) tags designed for Sirit’s Automatic Vehicle Identification systems. Each transponder contains a unique identification code and utilizes energy from the IDentity Max Pro reader for power, eliminating the requirement for a battery. Transponders are available in either a non-transferable windshield mount or a credit card form factor for side fire installations. Both form factors provide convenient access control by eliminating tedious lineups and delays associated with manual systems.

Sirit’s IDentity MaX transponders use RF backscatter modulation technology to respond to signals emitted by an IDentity MaX Pro reader by reflecting and modulating the reader’s RF signal. As a transponder approaches the read zone, the presence of an RF field “wakes” the transponder. Once activated, the transponder returns a pre-programmed code to the IDentity MaX Pro reader. The IDentity MaX Pro transponder’s wireless link uses comprehensive error detection methods to ensure a high accuracy rate even under the most adverse environmental conditions. Error detection and correction also ensures information is transferred accurately between the transponder and reader.